Life List

Not entirely sure where this is going yet. It isn't a list of 100 things to do before I die, that just seems depression. I think it will be a list of things that I think I'd like to do someday, or things that I wish fit into my life right now, or things that I'm working on accomplishing. More a set of goals to help me make sure I'm not overlooking something obvious.

  1. Get Phd
  2. Read lots
  3. Get some exercise every day
  4. Ride my bike
  5. Create things
  6. Tuck Elli in most nights
  7. Live in a foreign country for a year or two
  8. Have a guest room
  9. Not own a car
  10. Go back-country camping at least once a year
  11. Do Yoga regularly
  12. Contribute to Project Gutenberg
  13. Stay in love with Sky
  14. Share all my favorite books with Elli
  15. Maintain a good relationship with my parents
  16. Understand Quantum Physics
  17. Read Feynman's Lectures

Things I've done that I'm proud of:
  1. Math degree from Waterloo
  2. Student exchange trip to Switzerland
  3. Learned to speak French
  4. Biked across a big bit of Canada
  5. Master's Degree
  6. Got married in bare feet
  7. Got divorced and survived
  8. Had a baby
  9. Knit a sweater (and socks and lots of other stuff)
  10. Bought a house
  11. Planned and executed a back-country canoe trip
  12. Learned to program and run an MRI scanner
  13. Built my own computer
  14. Raided with a very successful guild in World of Warcraft
  15. Swum a kilometer (probably more)