Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Petunia, The Girl Who Was NOT a Princess - M.R. Nelson

Verdict: 2 thumbs up + a grin (followed by a request to read a book with a pink mermaid on the cover...)

I wan't too sure how this book would be received by the resident 7-year-old who is about as much of a princess as you can be, given who her parents are. If something is pink and has ruffles, she wants it. If the story is about a princess, she wants it. So I was a bit concerned that she might not love this particular book.

Turns out that Petunia appeals even to the princesses out there. She is the kind of kid who would be fun to play with, and the illustrations are excellent. There was lots of giggling while I read this book out loud. It is all about friendship, and finding common ground with people who aren't quite like you. Even pushing your boundaries a little.

Next up I think I'll try this one out at Brownies - we're doing a unit on positive body image and self-acceptance, and I think this book will go over really well with the girls.

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