Friday, July 23, 2010

Most-read authors

An intriguing meme I stumbled across over at Evening All Afternoon - a list of the authors whose books you have read more than 5 of. Now, some of these are authors that I loved as a kid and continue to re-read for comfort (especially when I'm sick), some only made the list because they're part of long running series that I should have stopped reading before getting to 5 books.

Douglas Adams
Richard Adams
Louisa May Alcott
Lloyd Alexander
Piers Anthony
Isaac Asimov
Jane Austen
Maeve Binchy
Enid Blyton
David Brin
Steven Brust
Orson Scott Card
Agatha Christie
Susan Cooper
Douglas Coupland
Alexandre Dumas
Raymond Feist
Richard Feynman
Neil Gaiman
Robert A. Heinlein
Monica Hughes
Robin Hobb
Robert Jordan
Guy Gavriel Kay
Katharine Kerr
Astrid Lindgren
Jane Lindskold
Charles deLint
George R. R. Martin
Julian May
Anne McCaffrey
Patricia McKillip
Robin McKinley
Sarah Monette
Terry Pratchett
Melanie Rawn
Matt Ridley
Spider Robinson
John Scalzi
William Shakespeare
Dan Simmons
Neal Stephenson
Noel Streatfeild
Charles Stross
J.R.R. Tolkein
Cynthia Voight
Jo Walton
Connie Willis
Jane Yolen

It's an interesting list. Some of them are a bit embarrassing, but most of the names on that list are authors who I am stalking and whose books I will buy the moment they come out (in paperback, because I'm broke, but still). It does highlight the way I read - once I fall in love with an author I generally get my hands on as many of the books they've written as possible.

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  1. Your list is LONG, lady! Impressive. And it jogs my memory about of some of those authors from earlier in my life that probably would have been on my list if I'd only remembered them...I went through a Piers Anthony & Orson Scott Card phase, I now recall, and I'm guessing I did finish the Narnia books, even though I liked them less & less as the series went on. And oh, L.M. Montgomery! :-)