Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sarah Monette

I love reading Jo Walton's blog, and I've been enjoying the re-reading topics going on over at That's how I stumbled across Sarah Monette. I was intrigued by this review of Sarah Monette's Melusine. Specifically:
Monette does some interestingly odd things here, subversions of genre expectations. To start with, we hardly get any sane Felix before we’re plunged into his madness...writing half a book from a madman’s perspective is daring, and it’s impressive that she makes it work so well."
Then there’s the subversion of “getting the adventuring party together.” Felix finds Gideon and Mildmay finds Mavortian von Heber and Bernard, and they all come together and decide to go off together—and then they get separated again almost at once. If you’re used to the way fellowships are formed in fantasy, this is outrageous. I wanted to cheer."
The rest of the review is awesome and right on target as far as I'm concerned, but it was these two points that had me desperately wanting to read the book.

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